The North American Phonograph Company.

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The North American Phonograph Company.

Postby Northamericanphono » Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:22 am

Studio recording head on this machine dates between 1903-1926 and was used in the Edison studio at 79, 5th avenue New York. We have various glass diaphragms from .0065-.008 thick, some with steps in the center for different recording applications and horns from 10" long to 5' long for different recording situations.
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When one thinks of the history of recording, I think of my studio and company, The North American Phonograph Company, it was founded in July of 1888, and owned patents and contracts of both Edison and the Volta Graphophone Company (later when combined with the Washington DC branch of the North American Phonograph Company, The Columbia Phonograph Company" and was known as Columbia Records. The other being Edison Records, and Columbia had to use Edison blanks from 1889-1897. North American was the first producer of commercial recordings, around November of 1889 and the first music catalog in 1890. In our collection is a few physical cylinders made between 1890-1894. We house a digital system Pro tools, Alesis A dat, and also some microphones like the RCA 44bx and an Electrosund 505S reel to reel. Our sister company uses a presto K-8 restore by myself. We have done work for moe. Disney, Thomas Negovan and I even have some special cylinders for Edison National Historical Park and are sitting on Thomas Edison's experimental phonographs of 1888, and are currently sitting on the mandrels of them now. We are not liked by the antique phonograph collector field, as we make exact replicas of the brown wax blanks and records of the 1890's and even I have a hard time seeing the difference of one of our new records from an original Edison blank circa 1897. We help create "The Conservatory of Dying Languages" which comprises of over 400 cylinders, located in museums throughout the world of Native American, and South, and Central American dialects. We are one of the few places that makes the metallic soap master recording blanks, and have a few pieces, a horn, recorder and feed screw from Thomas A Edison's 79 5th avenue studio and this equipment is in use mastering cylinder records. We have produced over 14,000 cylinder records since the re-opening of The North American Phonograph Company in 2000. You may read about us in term papers and articles on piracy.
This is one of our new master blanks used to make new cylinder records.
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This is one of our molds (we have two) for manufacturing metallic soap cylinder records.
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